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Barbera Meeting You, this week in Asti, Monferrato, and Milan

June 7, 2010

Starting Saturday June 5 through Sunday June 13, Barbera will once again return to the limelight in Asti and Casale Monferrato, thanks to a campaign sponsored by the Province of Asti in collaboration with the City of Casale Monferrato: “Barbera Meeting You.”

In the wake of the enormous success of Barbera Meeting (a blind tasting held in the month of march attended exclusively by specialized international press), everyone is talking once again about the most widely cultivated red grape variety in Piedmont.

For eight days, select restaurants, osterie, trattorie, and wine bars will serve their patrons a free glass of Barbera — from the Asti, Asti Superiore Nizza, Monferrato, or Alba appellations — paired with special dishes and offerings. At each participating venue, the diner will be given a placemat that will instantly and pleasantly enhance their tasting of the featured wines and will include the names of all participating wineries.

Also aimed at raising world awareness of the word Barbera and its homeland, a simultaneous event will be held in Milan in occasion of the Italian fair devoted to food and wine, “Milano Food Week.” Here, Barbera will take the stage with the splendid Navigli d’Estate as its backdrop. When they sit down to dinner, patrons will be offered a glass of Barbera at 15 of the most classic eateries in the Alzaia neighborhood of the city.

Photos and comments will be available online at together with material published by the fans themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.


Barbera blogger team unites in Asti

March 7, 2010

Brunellos Have More Fun, Worcester Sauce, and Bigger Than Your Head enjoyed pizza tonight at Pizzeria Francese in Asti tonight (highly recommended).

Bigger Than Your Head, Worcester Sauce, oenologic, and Jaynes at Hard Café, locals only bar (also highly recommended, especially for the free Sunday happy-hour nosh).

—Do Bianchi


La Stampa: “The bloggers have landed!”

March 6, 2010

Above: The Torino local edition of La Stampa published this article today on Barbera Meeting 2010 and the novelty of having a group of American bloggers present. Click image for a PDF of the article or become a fan of Barbera Meeting on Facebook for the whole text.

There was an inherent dichotomy drawn in the opening line of an article published today in the Turin edition of the Italian national daily La Stampa. “The blogger-tasters have landed,” read the title, “and live wine scoring has arrived.”

Gone are the “excellent palates” and their insiders-only tastings, wrote journalist Fiammetta Mussio in the opening line: “Goodbye to tastings attended by excellent palates and ‘trials’ behind closed-doors. The bloggers have arrived in the Barbera vineyards.” It would seem that the latter, according to Ms. Mussio, precludes the former.

The department of shameless self-promotion informs me that I should be thrilled to hear myself called “una delle ‘penne’ vinicole più pungenti d’America” (“one of the most pungent wine ‘plumes’ in America”). I wonder if that means I stink. Or perhaps it means that my writing stings its subject matter. Either way I’m flattered.

As hard as it was to say goodbye to Tracie P (not a month since our return from our honeymoon and just a few weeks after our move into our new home together), I am truly excited to think that the trip and adventure that lie ahead of our group of American wine bloggers are being treated a something of a novelty in Italy. The organizers of the event and our sponsors have told me that this is the first time American wine bloggers have been invited to an event of this size and importance in this capacity: we’ll be blogging the tasting is quasi-real-time.

Writing from the Austin airport… more once I arrive in Europe…

—Do Bianchi


Barbera Meeting program newly updated

March 4, 2010

Please click here to download the newly updated Barbera Meeting 2010 schedule.